About Prospoly

The Prospoly Small Business Assistance Program is designed to improve the lives of small business owners in marginalized communities. We provide community-driven solutions by using a bridge of student collaboration. Small businesses owned by individuals in marginalized communities–such as the Latin American immigrant community–fail at a higher rate than their counterparts due to limited understanding of business regulations, language barriers, and limited resources. At the same time, college students and recent graduates are experiencing unemployment issues due–in part–to a gap between classroom theory and real-world practice. Prospoly aims to revitalize communities by fostering economic development within these marginalized businesses while creating meaningful work experience and job opportunities for students. Prospoly plans to accomplish this by providing solutions to small businesses in need while providing work experience to students using a “bridge of knowledge” framework. Students will be connected to small business to complete project-based work and provide these businesses with solutions tailored to their specific problems.